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Dentists Advise, To Improve How People Perceive You, Begin With Your Smile

With cosmetic dentistry, we will make your smile light up a room when you enter. By way of different procedures, we will create that amazing smile of which you’ve been dreaming.

Using tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants and bridges, we will transform an ok smile into a superb one. Plus, were you aware that, cosmetic dentistry could very well clear away creases and lines near your cheeks, lips and the rest of your face… with no plastic surgery?

Our expertise and experience in esthetic and health and functional restorative dental care is well respected by dentists in the Gladstone MO area.

After we are copacetic with your wants and wishes for your new smile, we review the overall shape of your face, the presentation of your cheekbones and your nose, and the hues and chroma of your eyes. However, it is the shape and contour of your lips that impacts the design of your new smile the most. You can also expect us to measure an esthetic list of constructs like the presentation of your eyes and nose in ratio to your other facial measurements.

Our cosmetic smile team can remodel your smile to make you look more youthful, make your smile whiter and more prominent, do away with the lip lines that give you that “elderly” smile, perform “Instant Orthodontics” to straighten crooked teeth, and, finally, ramp up your overall sex appeal.

Remember however, Dr. Platt, Dr. Dale and the smile team aren’t just concentrating on your good looks. Our first priority is to make your smile healthy, sound, and in occlusal harmony so that you can enjoy good health, good food and a good laugh now and then.

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Surprising Research Results:

When respondents in a 2008 independent survey had been questioned, “What exactly would you most want to improve with your smile?” The most typical response was: “Brighter & Whiter Teeth”.

After that, they were questioned, “What types of things do you believe make a smile less attractive?” The most typical answers were:

• Stained, Discolored, or Yellow Teeth

• Missing Teeth

• Crooked Teeth

• Decaying Teeth And Cavities

• Gaps & Spaces in Teeth

• Dirty Teeth

Practically all Americans (98.7%) feel a smile is an important social asset.

97% of adult men and women believe that an attractive smile really makes a particular person more appealing to individuals of the other sex.

Three-quarters (76%) of adult men and women truly feel an unappealing smile may hurt an individual’s odds for job success.

You don’t have to go all out and get a “Million Dollar” smile makeover, however…

…improving your smile can make you look younger, improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as improve your communication skills, your attractiveness, and positively impact your personal and professional relationships.

As outlined in more research by social psychologists, the majority of people spend about 4 seconds assessing the way you look before they begin to develop a list of impressions about your:

• academic level

• career competence

• success

• persona

• class

• trustworthiness

• sense of humor

• and your social beliefs.

Good or bad, this means that appearances matter in today’s world.

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Obviously, your smile is one of your most noticeable attributes.

Dr. Platt and Dr. Dale can make your dreams come true with a smile makeover! Dr. Platt and Dr. Dale offer a wide choice of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures to achieve your ultimate smile goals, including porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges and onlays, bridge-replacing dental implants, lifelike composite fillings, gum re-shaping, and smile whitening.

What Do You Want From Your Smile?

Enhancing your smile can enhance your entire life. That’s why it’s so important that Dr. Platt, Dr. Dale and our staff work with you as a team to guarantee that what you want is what you get before the smile makeover begins. Dr. Platt and Dr. Dale take a comprehensive strategy and adhere to assembling treatment options into a plan.

We can:

** Reclaim a beautiful, youthful image to your physical appearance

** Close up gaps and spaces in front teeth

** Make repairs to decayed, cracked, broken or chipped teeth

** Alter the structure of teeth to ensure that they are no longer uneven or crowded

** Shape gum tissue to get rid of a “gummy” smile

** Lengthen or shorten uneven teeth

** Replace missing teeth

** Replace old metal fillings, crowns and bridges

** Improve or correct bad (dysfunctional) bites

** Prepare take-home smile whitening kits to brighten stained teeth

Call for a smile consultation at (816) 452-3420 or request an appointment.


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