Porcelain Crowns

If more than half of your tooth has been restored with a filling, it may be necessary for Dr. Dale or Dr. Platt to place a crown if any further restoration is needed. Without adequate support, the tooth may break away around the filling. As a rule, when fillings get larger, teeth become weaker. That is why a crown is necessary. A crown covers the entire tooth and holds it together. Crowns are used when large fillings wear out, when a tooth is cracked, or when cosmetic improvements must be made on teeth.

Porcelain crowns are an excellent restoration to use on a tooth where a large filling has worn out, when a tooth is cracked, or to improve the appearance of a tooth. Because we use metal free crowns you won’t see those unsightly gray or black lines at the gum line or on the edges of the crown. Metal free framework beneath the porcelain gives excellent aesthetic qualities to make the final restoration extremely natural looking. At Gladstone Family Dental Group we use durable, natural looking materials that blend in beautifully with your natural teeth.

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