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Dexis Digital X-raysGladstone, MO

Digital x-rays not only expose our patients and staff to 90% less radiation than typical film-type x-rays, they are also more sensitive than traditional dental x-rays. Digital x-rays allow Drs. Dale and Platt to clearly see the entire tooth and root structure as well as surrounding bone and tissue.

Because digital x-rays do not use chemicals to process the films, Gladstone Family Dental is helping the earth stay a little greener by not dumping chemicals into the public or ground water systems.

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    They give us the opportunity to detect and diagnose issues before they are visible to the naked eye, and before they can cause significant damage and pain.

    To obtain an x-ray, a small sensor pad that is connected by a line to a computer, is placed in the mouth. A beam is then sent through your teeth to the sensor that records the images. The doctors and staff can immediately pull up the digital x-rays on a computer screen to review the results. No more waiting for x-rays to be developed. We can also share the images with you so you can see what we are explaining about your oral condition.